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Recently, I had my companion MuttC groomed at your store. I generally have him groomed every month...shave and haircut so to speak. He sheds horribly--therefore, I generally keep his hair short--especially during summer months. I was VERY pleased at his appearance after Adrienne did her magic. His coat was even, no gaps or gouges...he was so handsome after she finished. He also displayed no fear when I picked him up. Sometimes I can sense when he has been mis-handled by groomers...but not this time. I really appreciate her work and he enjoyed his time there. In the words of McArthur "I shall return".

Glen P.


My dog had been attending another day care on occasion for company and socialization. I decided to check out Good Karma Dog Center, and when I stepped through the doors, I was impressed. I saw staff members who had a true love of dogs as well as a great deal of patience. Staff members accommodate as well as work with dogs that have special needs or idiosyncrasies. And even though I don't go on a regular basis, when we enter, my pooch is warmly greeted by name and lavished with attention. She then is placed with dogs that best suit her demeanor. I have no worries when I leave her with the experienced team at Good Karma.



What could doggie daycare do for a 14-year-old, deaf and partially blind Shih Tzu with a constantly cocked head from a stroke and depression from recently having lost his companion dog friend? We had the good fortune to find out this past Spring when Good Karma opened and Pugsley became one of their first dog clients and, to our surprise, somewhat of a celebrity. He loves it there! He now has a dog pack of friends who interact with him and respect him for his age (and wisdom). He has new human friends who love and spoil him. He has lost weight, put on muscle and is probably in the best physical condition he's been in for many years. He is inquisitive, much more energetic, has less behavior issues, and, well, he's just plain happy again! Pugsley will turn 15 on November 7th and Good Karma has made his elder years much more fun and rewarding for him and for us. We can't thank them enough for all they've done. Our new dog, 3-year-old Leela, also a Shih Tzu, loves it there too. That's where we introduced her to Pugsley and the two of them get along beautifully. They get great attention, affection, training and a day's worth of doggone fun! There's nothing more wonderful than a happy dog. It puts joy back in your life too.

Patti and David


We are so happy to have found Barbara and Good Karma Dog Center. We adopted Indie early this summer knowing she had been rescued from a farm and was unsocialized with people & human things like a house! Never having experience with a dog like this, we had no idea how hard it might be to get her to feel comfortable being part of a human family instead of her pack. A friend told us about Barbara and GKDC and thought she may be able to help us. So - I stopped in one day and just felt that this would be a good place for us all. Barbara and the staff are wonderful and care so much about all the dogs. We have been taking Indie to day care twice a week for several weeks now and we can really tell a difference in her. Being around the other dogs and seeing how great humans are has helped her feel more comfortable around us humans as well. Last weekend she actually wanted to play, rather than hide in the yard, with a friend of ours and just today she came up to the counter at the office to see who came in. Believe me this was not happening before! We realize she still has a long way to go but we know with the help of everyone at Good Karma she is going to be a wonderful part of our family. We haven't even mentioned the cool Doga classes they have, which we have been to a couple of times, or the grooming facilities that are right there. Thanks again to everyone at Good Karma!

Denise and Syd


I was a bit leery about taking my wild and highly energetic dog to a DOGA class fearing that he would interrupt the others and not settle down. I was proven wrong within the first few minutes of the class. The inviting atmosphere and calming energy really helped both of us to relax and let go of our nervous energy. I was surprised that I was able to focus and stay centered knowing that my dog was roaming about the room freely. Both of us felt calm and were ready for naps when we left. This was the first time I have seen my dog calm after leaving an environment full of strangers and other dogs!

Melissa W.


"My dog, Cisco, and I called Barbara to deal with some perceived aggression issues when Cisco was on the leash. Barbara quickly asked a series of questions which made me comfortable with her experience and knowledge of dogs. We scheduled a meeting for a private session with Cisco during which we took Cisco into an environment filled with other dogs and began dealing with the "lunging" problem. Barbara showed me several techniques to practice during training sessions and analyzed the reasons for Cisco's conduct. The bottom line is that I feel that the aggression problem is very controllable using the new training and techniques Barbara provided. Worth the money."

Richard R.


"I gave my son and daughter-in-law "Nickel" for Christmas (a cross Dachshund and Chihuahua). My son said it was like living with a "dingo". When visiting, she jumped on you and scratched your face. My daughter-in-law and Barbara started training her last month and you wouldn't believe her. She doesn't jump on you and keeps her paws down (still likes her kisses and belly rubs, but if it is appropriate to get them). She now comes when called and walks upright on her leash. THANK-YOU BARBARA!"

Bobbi F.


"We had taken our first Boston terrier, Archie, to a beginning dog training class nearly two years ago when we first got him, but since then, had acquired our second Boston and had fallen out of the habit of working with either dog much. Additionally, Archie had become very reactive around other dogs and children, and we were unsure of how to handle the problem. After meeting with Barbara and attending six weeks of training in Good Karma Dog's Rookie Rover class, both dogs became more engaged, enjoying the fun challenges Barbara provided each week. Archie, in particular, went from immediately reacting to every dog, to being able to walk side by side with even the dogs he originally went the craziest around. Barbara's calm, positive manner and simplicity in her approach to training made the experience enjoyable, educational, and rewarding for my husband and I, as well as Archie and Charlie. Thanks, Barbara!"

Kim & Mike S.


"In 2008, as I was studying to become a certified dog trainer, Barbara was my mentor. Barbara taught me so much in our time together. She has a vast knowledge of canines; different breeds and their needs, canine body language, attitudes, and behaviors. Barbara is kind and gentle, and has been a great inspiration to me."

Shasta L., ABCDT


"During our first session of Good Karma Dog Training, our Trixie had to be separated from her classmates, and she barked at them throughout the entire hour! By our third session of training, Trixie was able to exhibit more self-control around the other dogs. Fortunately, for all of us, her socialization continued to improve, and Trixie was able to participate, and for the most part, interact with her classmates during our sixth session. Not only did Trixie and our puppy, Jake, learn a lot from Good Karma Dog Training, my husband, Keith, and I did too! I recommend Good Karma Dog Training to anyone interested in learning how to lead their dog(s) in an assertive, yet kind, manner."

Alyssa M.


"I have the most wonderful dog, Sabu. I love her so much. Sabu is a very nervous, young lab. In fact she is often hyper. She is so big, I couldn't handle her. My life had such regret that I couldn't take care of the magnificent dog properly. She has a great heart and wanted to learn. I couldn't take her for walks or play ball with her. I hated having to put her in the kitchen or kennel so often. Dog training classes were not capable of taking us.

Then, I found Barbara of Good Karma Dog Training. Barbara taught me and Sabu skills. After just one lesson, my dog knew "Wait", "Off", "Stay" and "Leave It". Best of all she learned "Good Girl". In just a few sessions, we both are so happy and calm. Sabu and I go for a walk every day now. My regrets are gone and my spirits are lifted high up. I feel so effective and valuable again. I was so glas she wasn't stuck in the kitchen or yard for hours on end.

Barbara is a gifted teach of dogs and people too. She is skilled, effective, cheerful and focused. This training has changed my life, I am not kidding. Everything is better thanks to Good Karma Dog Training. Sabu and her older brother Boston are now "Good Dogs"!"

Mary R.