Dog Training

Short on time? We will train your dog for you during the day, or have fun with your dog in our group classes held evenings or weekends. Our certified dog trainers can help you meet your training goals; training promotes a strong relationship with your dog and improves your ability to handle problem behaviors.

Training Philosophy

The method you use to train your dog has big effects on the outcome of your training program. Do you use fear and intimidation or respect and teamwork? Fear can breed aggression and intimidation often leads to distrust and more fear. It is better to build a strong bond with your dog, developing harmony and mutual understanding.

Good Karma Dog Center unites the science of how dogs learn with reward-based techniques. This method supports trust, teamwork and compassion. Together we will use operant and classical conditioning systems to shape your dog into a “livable” canine companion. Transform your dog’s behaviors by way of guidance and leadership. Harsh methods and punishment are counterproductive. If you want to change your dog, first change yourself. Consider the situation from the canine point of view; after all, who do you love? Your dog of course!

Dog Training Rates

Private Sessions (we train you to train your dog)

  • at Good Karma Dog Center $65.00 per session + tax
  • at your home $80.00 per session + tax
  • Day Training (we train your dog during daycare hours) add on $45.00 + tax per daycare session